Thursday, October 6, 2011

Binding the Edge of your Canvas

The edges of your canvas can unravel as you work on a project so it is better to secure the edges around all the unfinished sides.In addition, the unfinished canvas edges can snag your fibers as you are stitching so using a method of  binding that covers the canvas edges can make your stitching experience a little smoother.  There are a number of ways to bind the edges.
  1. You can tape the edges. I recommend using artist tape because it is acid free and smooth. I use one inch wide artist  tape. You cut a strip of tape the length of each edge that you want to bind. I take a strip place it under the edge of the canvas so that the edge of the canvas lies at the mid point of the strip of tape. I rub my finger along the length of the canvas to insure that the tape adheres to the surface of the canvas. Then I fold the tape over the edge of the of the canvas toward the front and smooth the tape onto the front side. Do this to all the unfinished edges of your canvas. 
  2. You can use bias tape which is a strip of fabric cut on the bias. This makes it stretchy and easy to fold around the edges. It comes prepackaged and you can purchase it at most places that sell sewing supplies. If you buy 7/8th inch wide bias tape you can fold it over the edge of your canvas and stitch it on  by hand or with a sewing machine.
  3. You can zig -zag or use an overcast stitch on  the edges of the canvas using your sewing machine without putting any fabric over the edges.
  4. You can overcast the edges of the canvas with pearl cotton using a diagonal stitch or a button hole stitch.
  5. You could cut the canvas a 1/4" to 1/2" bigger,  fold under the edges and hem the canvas.
 While I have used the overcast method with a buttonhole stitch it takes awhile to do if the canvas is large. Most of the time I use artist tape and have never been unhappy with that method but some people feel strongly that they do not want any adhesive on their work. Pick the way that works best for you and makes you happy. Some people don't bind the edges at all and are quite happy with that approach.  In my next post I will discuss different types of stretcher bars.

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