Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Materials List Part I

Dear Class Mates,
Fortunately the local EGA chapter did Cleopatra's Cat last year and I  was able to borrow the book for a while from one of the members of my ANG chapter that also belongs tothe local EGA chapter. I thought it would be helpful for everyone to see what materials are needed especially the fibers so you can start to gather what you need so we can start stitching as soon as we get our book in December. At the left is a sample of some of the fibers we will be using in this project. Becase the materials List is three pages long I will do it in three posts with some comments. As stated in the page on the left DMC Medici wool was discontinued a couple of years ago. However it has been reintroduced, If you visit this website you can get the background. I purchased my skeins of medici wool from this particular store and got excellent service. They also have some of the other materials we need.

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