Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Materials Part II

This is the detailed list of fibers you will need for this project. While I was able to locate the new Medici wool I have compared it to Caron Impressions and the weight and color are a good substitute. However, it lists for $4.30 which makes it  more expensive than the Medici Wool. I have both and have not yet decided which I will use.   Here is a description of Impressions:
Caron Collection Impressions-Solid

A 50% wool, 50% silk blend. It is very versatile and can be used on fine linens as well as larger counts of needlepoint canvas. You can often control the look of your stitches to create either a sculptured or a satiny look simply by adding or subtracting one strand. The blend of wool and silk gives a unique appearance as the two fibers reflect light differently, giving your stitching great depth. Single strand, 50% wool/50% silk, 36 yds.              

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