Monday, August 22, 2011

Where do we begin?

In the beginning...
When we prepare to stitch a new piece we always need ground cloth, stretcher bars, fibers or threads, needles, the design instructions, and any other tools you normally use.  Cleopatra's Cat requires a 16" X 20" piece of 18 count mono canvas in eggshell/gold. Of course you can choose to use a different color canvas. I have decided to go with the recommended canvas and show it here so you can see what it looks like.  I considered using a French Blue or White Opal canvas but decided I like the gold sparkle this one will lend around the cat which will coordinate with the cat's eye color. If you would like to consider other colors you can visit your LNS or visit an  ONS such as Needle In a Haystack or Stitchers' Paradise .

 More about Mono Needlepoint Canvas
If anyone stitching this project is new to needlepoint  I will share a little about this ground fabric. One of the ground fabrics used in needlepoint is canvas. Canvas is woven of stiff threads that are spaced apart so that you can see the holes between the threads. The vertical threads are called "warp threads' and the horizontal threads are called 'weft threads'. The threads and the space between the threads are as close to the same size as possible creating an 'even-weave' ground cloth. Canvas comes in a variety of sizes from 7 - 18. The number indicates the number of threads per inch. For example, 18 count canvas has 18 linear threads per inch. Since it is an even weave whether you count from left to right or top to bottom  you will have 18 threads in one inch. The term mono canvas means that the needlepoint canvas is woven with a simple over one, under one method. This makes the intersections of two canvas threads “float,” so that different kinds of stitches can be used. It has the other important benefit that the stitched piece can be blocked back into shape because the ground fabric can move. Once blocked, it won’t return to its unblocked shape.

In my next installment I will discuss stretcher bars... See you then.

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  1. Very much like the direction that you are taking this. I am gathering supplies as we speak.