Sunday, August 14, 2011

About Cleopatra's Cat

This blog will be used to record the stitching journey of the EGA Cyberstitchers  who have selected this project as their 2011 BEE. Let's begin with a description of the project.

The following information is taken directly from the EGA website: Cleopatra's Cat.

"Cleopatra’s Cat is a canvaswork sampler of 46 laid fillings and composite stitches. The color scheme is based on the beautiful gold and blue mask from King Tutankhamen’s tomb, with the model worked in many different blue threads with metallic accents of blue and Japan gold. Overdyed cotton and silk flosses, overdyed pearl cotton #5 and #8, silk and wool blends are used ,as well as Kreinek metallic threads. Beads and a “gold” medallion are used for the embellishments. This project is probably best worked in a monochromatic color scheme because of the number and variety of patterns. The values chosen for the model are generally dark to medium dark. The metallic thread and exposed light-colored canvas provide value contrast. Colors you like could be substituted. This is an ideal project for using up some of your stash. Many thread substitutions are possible. 

Project: Free-standing, bag insert, or wall-hanging.
Size of Design Area: 14” x 9” on 18-ct canvas.  Model approximately 16” x 10” x 5”.
Fabric: 18-ct mono canvas OR Congress cloth.
Threads:  Overdyed cotton and silk flosses, overdyed pearl cotton #5 and #8, silk and wool blends, metallic braid, beads and a “gold” medallion.
Colors: Student’s choice.  Model stitched in middle to dark values of blue w/gold and blue metallic threads.
Skill Level:  Advanced intermediate.
Prerequisites:  The student must be comfortable stitching on the diagonal, working and compensating irregularly-shaped areas. 
Time:  Seven working meetings, seven months.
Fee: $175 per group
Text:  $48.00 per student, 132 pages plus color scan of stitched piece, color photos of completed project and the embellishments
Supplies:  (approximate) $70.00 for supplies used in the model.  Could also be stitched with materials from your stash."

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