Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where is everybody?

Checking in thinking that I must have missed some posts. Nope! So then, what is every doing?

My Miss Cleo has been on the back burner for about a week. She is slowly getting her coat done as I am now working on area GG. Here is a photo.
Isn't she pretty? and boy is she getting a personality. Her eyes follow me as I walk past her as if to say, "Come on now Shirley, let's get my coat finished." Unfortunately she is going to have wait even more as I am heading for Mexico tomorrow for a month. She is simply too big to take with me so ....

Would love to see how everyone is coming along and the various colors that are going to show up. After I finish Miss Cleo, I will be doing Miss C (C for Christmas) in reds and greens with gold kreinik. Now that will be different.  

Anyone know where I can get real miniature Christmas lights, battery operated? I want to wind her up in them.

Have fun. And hope those of you on the East Coast are doing well. Our prayers go with you.

currently sitting in an East Texas State Park

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